NXT Live is a video game professional wrestling show on Shanes WWE2K17 NXT Universe Mode save file, It is the first event/show on the save file. It will take place on October 28, 2016 and has an in game location of Mexico City

Five matches are due to be contested at the event. Three were made at The Revival whilst two others are still in the booking process

During Last weeks 'The Revival' event before Joe Hendry could even make his entrance, Drew Galloway ambushed Hendry's Opponent and former tag team partner, Joseph Conners during Conners' entrance with a chair but Conners fought back flooring Galloway with his finisher, it was then announced due to Galloway's interference the Last Man Standing had ended in a No contest even though it hadnt started.

Also at The Revival Will Ospreay lost an NXT Championship Match against former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose after Ospreay took a hard hit from Ambrose's Rebound Clothesline, after the match people thought since Ambrose won he would disrespect Ospreay but he didnt, he did however celebrate in disbelief. Also after the match, matches for next weeks normal episode of NXT (October 28th, 2016 edition) those matches were: Due to Chris Danger getting on the nerves of The Law at a live show a match was announced and has now been made official, Due to Drew Galloway's interference making the Joseph Conners and Joe Hendry Last Man Standing match not happen, it was announced that Galloway would face Conners, in their highly anticipated rematch from WCPW as Hendry denied involvement in Galloway's attack he wasnt made to face Galloway. Finally it was announced that Will Ospreay would face Shane, who both have their rematch clauses from previous title matches, in Shanes case from Hell in a Cell and in Ospreays case from The Revival. It was announced that they would clash on the next episode of NXT and the winner would face Dean Ambrose at Survivor Series on November 20th, 2016

Results Edit

Match Result of Match Notes Times
1 Pacman defeated Dean Ambrose Singles Match 03:39
2 The Law defeated Chris Danger Singles Match 08:00
3 Joseph Conners vs Drew Galloway Singles Match
4 Will Ospreay vs Shane Singles Match, No.1 Contenders Match for the NXT Championship
5 Kyle Michaels vs Sami Zayn Steel Cage Match