UKW Universe Episode 3 is a video game professional wrestling show on Shanes WWE2K17 UKW Universe Mode save file, It is the first event/show on the save file. It will take place on April 6, 2017 and is the third episode of UKW Universe after Shane rebranded his NXT Universe Mode.

Five matches are due to be contested at the event. Two would be the next round of a Tournament to see who will battle Cody Rhodes for the vacant UKW World Championship at the first special event next Sunday which was recently renamed True Legacy rather than True Destiny the runner up and the two who will be eliminated at the Semi Final stage will also be at True Destiny in a Triple Threat match for the also vacant UKW YouTube Championship

After the events of last week where JBRocker attacked Kyle Michaels, JBRocker announced on Twitter that he would be going away for a few weeks but said when he comes back hes coming for Michaels.

Whilst Shane and Nathan Cruz agreed to have a trilogy of matches to see who is better between the two ending at True Legacy (True Destiny.)

During the Chris Danger and AK47, The Law returned to distract Chris Danger after the match Chris Danger said that at True Legacy (True Destiny) Law would enter The Danger Zone

Results Edit

  • Joseph Conners & Ace Storm (Ace Daniel & Samuel Storm) defeated The Club (Aaron B, Joe Hendry & Will Ospreay) in an Open Challenge
  • Nathan Cruz defeated Shane in a Singles Match
  • 'The Assassin' AK47 defeated Chris Danger in a Singles Match
  • Dean Allmark (with Nathan Cruz) defeated Drew Galloway in a UKW World Championship Tournament Semi Final Match
  • Kyle Michaels defeated Tony Spitfire (with James Mason) in a UKW World Championship Toutnament Semi Final Match