The UKW YouTube Championship is a fictional British professional wrestling championship which was unveiled on Shane's UKW Universe Mode save file at True Legacy . The initial champion was crowned in a Triple Threat match between Dean Allmark, Tony Spitfire & Drew Galloway but Galloway was screwed as Tony let Dean pin him after Dean hit a Simple splash from the top rope and Drew was recovering on the floor but did break up the pin which the ref didn't see.

The current champion and longest reigning champion is Drew Galloway in his initial run with the title.

Reigns Edit

No. Wrestlers Reign Date Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Dean Allmark 1 April 16, 2017 25 London, England 0 True Legacy This was a Triple Threat match with Tony Spitfire & Drew Galloway which lead to a Dusty Finish as Tony let Dean pin him as Galloway did break up the pin but the referee counted the three anyway.
2 Drew Galloway 1 May 11, 2017 49+ London, England 1 Bad Blood This was a Tables Match

Combined ReignsEdit

Note: * designates the current champion.

Rank Wrestler No. of reigns Combined defenses Combined days
1 Drew Galloway* 1 1 49+
2 Dean Allmark 1 0 25